Hi, I'm David Wilhelm, a web developer currently based in Detroit. Below are some select projects from my GitHub.

angular-firebase-auth-template (2020)

angular firebase typescript

Base for starting an Angular project that uses email/password for user authentication.

rc-shared-radio-groups (2020)

es6 react

Select a unique value across multiple sets that share the same set of values.

group-add-form (2019)

es6 react

Prototype for adding multiple people in a form.

hbs-sass-boilerplate (2018)

gulp handlebars jquery sass

Boilerplate for quick prototyping with Handlebars, jQuery, and Sass.

git-standings (2017)

es6 express node

Gather and display commit count by contributors across any number of git projects.

watson-discovery-csv-uploader (2017)

es6 handlebars node watson

Upload files to a watson discovery collection, including csv files.

working-with-arrays (2016)


Notes on different aspects of working with arrays in javascript.

ncaa-picks-by-team-color (2016)

es6 react sass webpack

Pick your 2016 NCAA March Madness bracket based solely on team colors.

bruticus (2016)

jekyll sass

Static site for electronic music artist Bruticus.

you-might-need (2016)

ember ember-data es6 firebase sass

Predictive shopping app. Whenever you buy something, enter it’s name and the date of purchase. After adding at least 2 points of purchase for the same item, YMN will start to generate a shopping list to remind you when you might need to purchase something again.

storefronts-backend (2015)

bootstrap es6 express heroku mongodb react sass webpack

Code responsible for API, adding/editing database entries, and user login for Storefronts project. Currently hosted on Heroku, API endpoints are public (though not CORS enabled) but most functionality is walled behind an admin login.

quick-lang-quiz (2015)

es6 react webpack

Quiz for translating phrases from English into Spanish. Emphasis on vocabulary over sentence logic.

ArtInstallr (2015)

bootstrap es6 gulp react

The current version of this project is unfinished.

Currently under re-development. Will assist in calculating measurements for hanging artwork on a wall.

capitals-quiz (2014)

coffeescript gulp handlebars jquery sass

JavaScript powered game for matching the correct capital with the given state/country. Reference data (answer keys) is store in JSON format for simplicity as opposed to a dedicated database.

oh-hell-scoresheet (2013)

coffeescript handlebars jquery jqueryUI modernizr sass

Web app for tracking player scoring for the card game Oh Hell!